AIM IVA Compliant ‘Plug and Play’ Kit Car Race Dash Kit

AIM IVA Compliant ‘Plug and Play’ Kit Car Race Dash Kit
AIM IVA Compliant ‘Plug and Play’ Kit Car Race Dash Kit AIM IVA Compliant ‘Plug and Play’ Kit Car Race Dash Kit AIM IVA Compliant ‘Plug and Play’ Kit Car Race Dash Kit
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The IVA Compliant ‘Plug and Play’ Dash, is a complete Road-Legal Display Solution for OEM, kit car builders and race car Builders. The kit has pre-configured, simple wiring connections, for all the relevant electrical items of your vehicle such as Indicators, Lights, Fuel Gauge, Hazard Lights, Handbrake Warning etc

The key to the system, is the application of Aim Vehicle Interface (VIM) Module, designed to integrate with the Aim Strada Dash Display, to offer a ‘Plug & Play’ easy installation of your vehicle electrics. This is all connected to your vehicle’s Engine ECU, to allow easily configurable warning lights and gauges as well as Speed / Gears Revs etc.

The Kit Includes:

  • Road Legal IVA Compliant 5” TFT Colour Display Dash
  • Vehicle Interface Module (ViM)
  • Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Simple Wiring Loom

Aim IVA Approved Plug & Play Kit Car Dash - The perfect solutuion for Kit Car Builders!
Our system allows you to see & monitor the following:
All ECU Information & Odometer, Oil Temperature, Engine Temperature, Fuel Level, Side Lights, Hazards, Front & Rear Fog, Parking Brake, Main Beam, Dipped Beam, LH & RH Indicator.

Easy Fit? Once the dash is mounted in the vehicle, any qualified auto electrician will be able connect it all within a day, making the IVA Approved Kit Car Dash Kit, a complete solution for kit car and road car Builders, who need a fully IVA compliant Dash Display for their build. With a pre-configured wiring loom, this offers a simple and cost effective legal way, to get a new digital display in your car.

No Problem, we can take a RPM feed from any Coil or Tacho Signal to make it all come alive.

Aim MXS Strada Plug and Play TFT Dash Display:
The IVA Approved, 5″ colour ‘Plug and Play’ Car Dash Display, is used on kit cars all over the world. With its clever ECU link, it acquires data from your vehicle engine, making it relatively easy to fit. When used with our Vehicle interface Module (VIM), it allows for a simple connection to all your lights and sensors.

High Contrast TFT Display

The Aim MXS 1.2 Strada shows with RPM scale, all the data you need, like speed, water temperature and oil pressure, lap times and much more. You can choose the custom pages you wish, including up to four additional fields. A wide library of page styles, defining which data to be shown, their end of scale and measured units. Swapping between pages is quite easy with the Aim MXS Strada using the push buttons provided.

The MXS 1.2 Strada has a high contrast TFT display and its visual quality is always optimal, as its ambient light sensor keeps the backlight at the best brightness levels. The dash is available in the “Street Icons” version needed by street users (fuel, oil, water temp etc.)

Choose from loom: When ordering please specifiy which loom.

Delivery Status for this item is 2-3 Days:
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